Our team takes pride in our ability to connect with students and create an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome. We strive to give the students what they deserve, what they see all over instagram, tik tok and the music remixes that they listen to while they should be studying (pun intended). We take the approach of bringing a modern club/festival/event style party & dance atmosphere with music mixing, special effects/event enhancements, modern lighting and most importantly allowing the students to gain fun memories that they will have forever. Since covid our team has developed continuing relationships with Southridge HS, Tigard HS, Clackamas HS, Oregon City School District and Camas School District.

One great piece of feedback we received from last year’s Senior class reps at Southridge HS who we had the opportunity to work with all year long, is that they finally felt musically heard and were able to connect with their DJ compared to prior dances. One way we achieve this is the use of our music planning app.